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Even the use of world’s strongest ciphers would not save you if they were used unwisely.
brings you the best parts of both worlds; military-grade ciphers (e.g. AES-256) and secure
application to ensure you get what you deserve from the day one. This way your part of the
cyberspace stays as clean as it gets, file system, network traffic and individual files — every layer
and all the corners too!
has been built up with strong trust to open standards, e.g. XMPP for online collaborative
functions. Furthermore, the OMEMO encryption standard it uses for secure instant messaging
(e.g. with AES ciphers) has been audited by an independent researcher group based in The
Netherlands. These and other matters will help you to ensure that the things you need to keep
private, stay so, for your eyes only — no matter what.

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