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Howard A. Gutman has successfully handled over 500 lemon law and automobile breach of warranty cases. Mr. Gutman is the author of a leading article on the lemon law in the New Jersey Law Journal, and recently gave a seminar for other attorneys on the lemon law for the New Jersey Institute of Continuing Legal Education. He was previously employed by one of the leading law firms in New Jersey and a
Are you suffering too much from loads of debts? Creditors and debt collectors can be relentless in their efforts to squeeze out any kind of payment from debtors like you.
Everyone who is on the verge of breaking down because of a heavy legal case –it might be bankruptcy, criminal charge, divorce, etc.–would desperately want something good during such moment.

If you are under pressure with more debt than you can repay, you may be considering bankruptcy. Always put in mind that you will have a much better success of financial freedom if you have a bankruptcy lawyer at your side.
Finding the right bankruptcy lawyer can be a simple task if you understand what qualities you need. The following tips are intended as a guide to researching and interviewing potential attorneys.
Your needs as a client–just like everyone else who needs legal assistance– your demands for legal services and fee arrangements varies over time.
Caught in a financial crisis and don’t know what to do? Maybe you should opt for bankruptcy. But before you even start your bankruptcy battle, find first a good hand through a legal counsel to help you identify if bankruptcy is really the best option to get out from your dilemma.
What can you do is you should do some primary research on how hiring a law firm usually works and maybe you look into some tips. And remember that it’s fine–in fact, better to set your own qualifications before you visit a law firm and have a consultation with a lawyer.
During an initial consultation, a bankruptcy attorney can already give you three important help towards a successful bankruptcy filing as follows:
Dealing with a legal case is never pleasant. You have to go through all kinds of stress and causes sleepless nights. Who wouldn’t when you know that the day after you should face your ex-spouse to discuss divorce, child custody, etc. Or you have no idea what would your future be after bankruptcy. Yet, this only happens when you prefer to manage it alone.
If you have enough regular income to pay a part or all of your debts, then you qualify to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy or also commonly known as the “wage earner’s bankruptcy”. In order to successfully file your Chapter 13, there are things you must do first.
If your creditors are bothering you non-stop, you should consider filing for bankruptcy. And one common type of bankruptcy that most people file in the United States is the Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
Apart from contacting your local or state bar association or asking friends and family, another reliable source when you are looking for an attorney is attorney referral services.
Most people don’t have a regular lawyer, especially if it’s your first time dealing with a legal case. So don’t panic and maybe you should start your research through online or ask some relatives or friends who had been in any legal case before.

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