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In the midst of the bear market, Satang Corp. a cryptocurrency exchange based in Thailand is looking to raise almost $10 million via a Security Token Offering (STO), as reported by the Asia-centric Nikkei Asian Review on Tuesday.
Many wedding dresses are in silk. "Silk White" is totally never bright white - employing nature for the gorgeous natural fabric. Silk white (no matter how brightly it is dyed) won't ever look good next to bright white of other fabrics (like polyester, cotton or nylon).

Due to strong, long-term trends, you won't lose your profits based on a single currency's performance.
The France chapter of UNICEF recently announced on its official website that the organization will accept donations in cryptocurrencies. A list of nine cryptocurrencies, which will be accepted as donations, has been put out.

The cryptocurrencies that will now be accepted by the organization include Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Ripple’s XRP, Bitcoin Cash [BCH], EOS, Stellar Lumens [XLM], Lite
Découvrir comment commencer investir dans Bitcoin , altcoins et OIC. Même le crypto monnaie Trading Space a été se boucher avec les investisseurs que n'ont pas idée ce que le Tech est. Peut-être un de la très important investissement slogan serait toujours à jamais investir dans quelque chose que vous jamais comprendre.
Breaking his long-maintained silence, crypto exchange Shapeshift CEO Erik Voorhees said WSJ “omitted relevant information.” In the report, titled, “How Dirty Money Disappears Into the Black Hole of Cryptocurrency,” published earlier, the Wall Street Journal [WSJ] had excluded the fact that Shapeshift ”shared with the WSJ through multiple phone calls, in-person meetings, and emails”, Voorhees said
We have helped many blockchain companies from Cyber attacks. We helped ICOs raise over USD 200 Million and helped many cryptocurrency exchanges secure their products
As per Reuters Report, to build a bank that offers services related to individuals and institutions, the Swiss Egyptian Business Association (SEBA), a Swiss startup has raised 100 million Swiss francs. The startup has been started by UBS managers Guido Buehler as Chief Executive and Andreas Amschwand as the Chairman. If you look into the cryptocurrency trading and investments for banks and qualif
To discuss the future roadmap of blockchain and cryptocurrency industry in the US, over 50 representative firms from the US financial sector entities focused on blockchain gathered on the Capitol Hill to meet the US lawmakers.

As per a CNBC report, in the meeting, the industry sent a loud and clear message: Hurry up and regulate, please
The first one to enable audiences to pay websites via web monetization is Coil, and will be compatible with the biggest pioneers of the web industry namely YouTube, Twitch, Wikipedia, Beat, Internet Archive etc. Read latest news regrading Coil platform today! What is Coil app? It's an Interledger-powered system that facilitate the permission from browsers to allow the viewers to pay websites. Pre
The sources says that HKEX executives are worrying about the disgruntle relationships between China and the US which might have a negative impact on the company’s revenue growth. As company is trying to pull relationship Chinese exchanges and US giants like Nasdaq and CME Group together.
In what way cryptocurrency Bitcoin restored quickly? After hutting the bottom, Bitcoin's last value was $6,419.03 which is less than the third time surmounting about $20,000 in December. Get full detail from here.
Co-director of enforcement at SEC claimed that technology always adds value by formatting capital. With this SEC does not want “to stifle the legitimate use of technology and innovation to facilitate capital formation". But still on forged ICOs, SEC will be enforced substantial remedies strictly. Get latest information today. Today's highlight "Substantial remedies impose on fraudulent ICOs by SE
Ban political donations with any specific cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, due to transparency problems by Fair Political Practices Commission, California’s campaign watchdog.
The UN Women and the World Food Program (WFP) is using Blockchain to help Syrian refugees in crisis situations. Get all the details about disciplinary proceedings here.

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