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SDG Impact Fund plans to raise several hundred million dollars. Launched by financial services provider Fifth Element, the funds will be deployed in both fiat and digital format using public blockchains.
Swiss Bankers Association is considering measures to approach what the publication named as an “exodus” of blockchain projects from Switzerland.
Brokerage is one of the most important feature of cryptocurrency exchange because with the help it, increase the popularity in people for interested in investing as well as learning about the exchange of Bitcoin and Ethereum.
South Korean Ministry of Science and Information Communications Technology (MSICT) has pledged to increase support for local blockchain startups to speed up the growth of the industry.
The first one to enable audiences to pay websites via web monetization is Coil, and will be compatible with the biggest pioneers of the web industry namely YouTube, Twitch, Wikipedia, Beat, Internet Archive etc. Read latest news regrading Coil platform today! What is Coil app? It's an Interledger-powered system that facilitate the permission from browsers to allow the viewers to pay websites. Pre
Why US lawmaker is going to propose 3 Pro-Cryptocurrency bills to Congress? What is the main aim behing intoducing this bills to congress? For more related informastion refer our latest article.
Despite the largest economy in South America, Brazil was very interested in the crypto industry. However, government, public institutions, education systems, people seem to be turning toward trending cryptocurrency and associated blockchain technology.
The huge firm Point72 has offices in New York City, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, London, Paris, and Palo Alto, while its staff is marked with former IBM executive Timothy Shaughnessy as chief operating officer. Get more details from our article.
The improvement of U.S. Congressman Drafts Trio of Bills to assist the generation and even service of blockchain technology in the United States is at last removing.
Venezuela's president is ordering the use of the petro in international trade, despite doubts the token will be widely accepted. Get more such information from our posted article.
In what way cryptocurrency Bitcoin restored quickly? After hutting the bottom, Bitcoin's last value was $6,419.03 which is less than the third time surmounting about $20,000 in December. Get full detail from here.
Co-director of enforcement at SEC claimed that technology always adds value by formatting capital. With this SEC does not want “to stifle the legitimate use of technology and innovation to facilitate capital formation". But still on forged ICOs, SEC will be enforced substantial remedies strictly. Get latest information today. Today's highlight "Substantial remedies impose on fraudulent ICOs by SE
Considering the blockchain system, it will use technology for food supply and distribution, making the state's supply network more efficient for dairy products, vegetables and fish.
It assures employees and their employers to provide some promising benefits with at least downsides. Emperta plans to use a stable coin to simplify wage payments in cryptocurrency.

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