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XRP is now the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap. Ripple’s persistent efforts to collaborate with major global banking institutions turn out to be a game-changer for the company.
Singapore's start-up cyclion means that the blockchain and cryptocurrency may be combined with electric-fueled vehicles to combat pollution. Know about the complete analysis from our below blog.
Get complete information about most recent update of Bitcoin Core and how it will save the network from DoS attack. Get complete and satisfied answer from our below given blog.
LINE has disclosed its plans to introduce an ambitious crypto-based token ecosystem by this year-end. With the strong aim of capitalizing the company’s large user base where LINE is believed to have more than 160 million monthly active users. LINE messanger application that enterd the crypto space earlier this year, plans to build a token-powered ecosystem by the end of 2018. Read the blog for mo
Reports from Cointelegraph, the month will probably host proper regulations rising on a across the country system of UAE, regarding fintech along with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) is obviously keen to make clear the way present suggestions affect digital currencies in this a part of the UAE based on important cryptocurrency interest in the region.
Almost a amout of 4.5 billion yen hacked from the wallets and there was a severe theft from the assets of the company, 2.2 billion yen was stolen from these assets . It means a total of $59.7 million loss was on the Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Zaif. Its a great loss company is suffering now. Read the latest updates on it.
Jody Kleverworth also said that with Blockchain, we can connect all those systems so that the data can be shared accurately and quickly, helping to speed up and stream the flow of the UK and outside.
The announcement will come as welcome news to crypto markets, which continue to anticipate the entry of large institutional investment that by and large has not yet taken place. Get more details from our posted article.
Now Certification of Blockchain will be offer in German institute Frankfurt. On this project they will jointly work with Consensys which is one of the leading software companies in blockchain space. Read more latest news with us!
Peirce also added that the SEC accept there is no relation between the rejection of the Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF and SEC’s according to the SEC. Know more about it from our posted article.
Does cryptocurrency - ZelaaCoin be powerful in future? Now a days the cryptocurrency has become prominent in today’s highly competitive world, even Sahil Arora, 19 -year-old Indian serial entrepreneur try to bring up ZelaaCoin. Read more about it.
Indrajeet Bhuyan, the security researcher reveal that the hackers are targeting the government websites for cryptocurrency mining because they are widely trusted and fetches high traffic.
The bank also states that he global share of domestic virtual currency transactions has dropped from the initial 90% to less than 5%. Know more about such details from our posted article. Chinese companies have also been working to shut down cryptocurrency and ICO operations communicating with investors through their platforms, including WeChat and Tencent. Get more details from our below article
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