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Digital tokens that impede the price of a blocked price via payment or exchange, which uses encryption techniques to protect transactions, is one of the deficiencies in cryptocurrencies.
South China Morning Post announced that there are many crypto investors uses the cryptocurrency exchanges illegally to convert and exchange fiat into stablecoin Tether, using cryptocurrency wallets directly. Get latest updates on cryptocurrency now!
According to the announcement, all development teams of rocket pool are working on building a beacon chain client – central to the Ethereum 2.0 vision. For more details refer our article.
Cryptocurrency custody services are going to assistance the deals so they go with buyers and dealers of cryptocurrencies without having load of handling and storage of cryptocurrencies. The most effective trouble with cryptocurrency is always that dealers can not manage to make it secure. As per commentators, cryptocurrency custody services shall be one of the best ways.
A US federal judge ruled on Tuesday that US securities law can be used when prosecuting fraud cases over initial coin offerings. In what appears to be the first court decision of its kind in the country, the ruling gives the government a legal victory in its efforts to regulate cryptocurrency offerings.
Charles Cascarilla, Co-founder and CEO of Paxos believes that the new asset will definitely develop the utility of money by making it stable and with the robust regulatory.
Star Xu, the founder of OKEx and the CEO of OKCoin, was taken into police custody for questioning over the WFee crypto project fraud. Get more info about it, read below blog.
Recently a survey conducted by the prominent crypto exchange Coinbase, as the result of it, from top colleges of USA , 21 colleges provided a course in cryptocurrency, which shows the demand of cryptocurrency among students also.
The reports were released by former Ripple's spokesperson that the firm compliments the work that general counsel has done to build an "incredible team". Get more details here!
Trust units are believed to be a qualified investment in a mutual fund trust under the Tax Act with the fund has excelled 150 unitholders in less than a year. Get more details here.
SIA Group’s KrisFlyer frequent-flyer programme is to launch a world-first blockchain-based airline loyalty digital wallet capability that will help unlock the value of KrisFlyer miles to enable everyday spending at retail partners.
Goldman's CFO Martin Chavez has reportedly denies the news that the bank ditched plans to launch crypto trading desk and said that firm rather focus upon creating storage blocks for holding the cryptocurrencies.
Blockchain technology is a natural improvement for the security-conscious games programmer; the dispersed ledger technology is definitely acquire.
Secure Logic announced TrustGrid, a new blockchain-based platform that’s behind New South Wales’ ongoing rollout of digital driver’s licenses, and a variety of other potential applications.

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