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The blockchain technology reestablishes the amount of the traditional way of thinking and models that were time-consuming and not cost-effective. With the help of the fintech it helps to streamline the entire process. What do you think about Philippine SEC draft rules on Crypto trading? Will the new rules be helpful to Crypto traders in Philippine? Read our article for more information.
The government of Australia, which has otherwise been quite liberal when it comes to cryptocurrency transactions in the nation, has one major problem with cryptocurrencies - anonymity. Get more such details here.
It is seen that digital currency has no physical cost and it is cost-effective comparing to paper and metallic money. The use of digital currency will be the great benefit to India and the new generation. Do you think that India has changed up it's mind on cryptocurrency and blockchain? Soon India will make it's own digital currency and it has started to work on this new plan.
Brian Armstrong believes that the number of people in the cryptocurrency ecosystem will swell to 1 billion over the next five years.
By the past rejection of Crypto-based ETFs, the market had become less interested in the applications of crypto-based ETF. Do you think that Crypto-based ETFs will now attract the Crypto market?
Large sales in the market started due to the large sales pressure built on top of Bitcoin. Learn more about this article now. Due to low volumes and increased activity of tether (USDT), bleeding against Bitcoin and the US dollar will likely continue by tokens and small market cap cryptocurrencies.
Jiratpisit along with his two siblings has been charged and got arrested for causing a scam of one billion baht.But later on Boom has been proven his innocence by submitting sufficient evidence in the court.
To avoid scams twitter will explore blockchain now! They would like to understand the whole new concept of blockchain technology from a variety of angle to use and apply towards real-world problems that the company is facing at present. Get all latest updates now.
Does the new Australian startup resembles the strategies of Raiz investment app? What is the tentative launch date of the investment app? For more details refer our article.
Blockchain technology can help organizations cut costs, as it eliminates a considerable amount of paperwork and third-party involvements while also increasing transaction speeds. Get more updates here.
Ben Hill joined Solo Energy, which is using peer to peer blockchain technology for renewable energy startup.
Arrival of a new online learning program $99 Crash Course in Blockchain that introduction about the blockchain concept of Ethereum. One of the most important advantages is that course is fully free. Read our blog for more information.
The new cryptocurrency will be called Gyeongbuk Coin. Will it replace the gift cards which are often used by the merchants and will it be adopted by all the cities in province? For more details read our article.
Goldman Sachs its plans to open a desk for trading cryptocurrencies, at least for the near term, according to a Business Insider report on September 5, 2018. Read our blog for more information.

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