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Financial Services Agency (FSA), Japan’s top financial regulator introduces new requirements that allows the companies to determine whether they are conducting proper risk management or not. Read more in detail.
Soon after the rumors blog post were released, the Wormhole Developers took it their mission to address falsehood concerning protocol security and safety and try to finding how to give clarification on it.
Know with us how many blockchain patents filed up by Alibaba and IBM? China’s e-commerce major Alibaba just seals first place, by having filed a total number of 90 blockchain-related patent applications, whereas IBM has to date filed a total of 89.
This news are final reports of the statement released on the website of the law regulation Center. Read for more information about it. Government Legislation Center are announce the transactions result in personal funds gain will be taxable, including the Cryptocurrency exchanges and different e-commerce platforms.
Grant County Public Utility District (PUD) has decided to increase the energy costs associated with crypto mining operations in Washington State.
Russia's Pension Fund states that the utilization of Blockchain technology will enable the implementation of astute contracts between labor cognations, in the form of paper, from the compulsory revocation. The issue of labor violations is of widespread concern in small and medium-sized Russian industries, with whom the Russia Pension Fund will use blockchain technology.
China banned cryptocurrency trading and initial coin offerings it still supports the development of the underlying blockchain technology. Learn more about this in the article.
China banned the trading relations between Yuan and Bitcoin at the domestic level. Learn more information regarding this now.
Read how Mining rig will affect the profitability and taxation on the income earned from cryptocurrencies. Can it able to reduces the tax or not? Get to know full detail info with us.
There are so many other songs which are inspired by the Selena Gomez based on Bitcoin. Learn more about it from this article.
TBG's Blockchain Security Testing services is designed to evaluate every aspect of the Blockchain. Get complete information here.
The new Crypto Transaction Tracking System will help in visualizing the transaction history of the virtual currencies to increase money laundering, financial theft, and other cryptocurrencies.
Chinese police investigate for 130 million hotel clients of mainland China to their information leaks. They are serious about protecting clients' ensuring information.
The main advantages of Bitcoins over other cryptocurrencies, according to Bitcoin developers Jimmy Song and Roger Ver, are its network effect and proven security. According to them, Bitcoin is more accessible.Crypto Debates On a Boat - Roger Ver And Jimmy Song are discuss Bitcoin Cash and Scaling. Jimmy Song holds the opinion that Bitcoin’s increasing transaction charges will make the currency an

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