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The organization Google Play Store offers , however , allowed apps that “remotely handle the mining of cryptocurrency”. Along with software with too intrusive advertising, applications for mining crypto-currencies are now subject to blocking.
Federal Trade Commission has issued alert about Bitcoin Blackmail Scams. In theses scam, scammers claiming victims personal secret disclosure in public unless they send a payment in Bitcions.
A platform for accelerated development of BlockChain apps which reduces risk and investment for enterprise and government. Digital Gold Exchange is an open source, enterprise-ready Blockchain technology platform.
Read in details why for Crypto startup, Airbnb invested of $23 Million with SFOX’? With this investment ,they will help you get the best price on trades — no matter the size — using thier liquidity sourced from a global set of exchanges, OTC desks, and market makers.
CoinMarketCap has just released a slew of innovative professional API features, in a bid to bring more clarity to a market where data is as important as oxygen is to humans.
German Stock Exchange Boerse Stuttgart to Launch New Platform for ICOs, a secondary market, and provide custodial services for cryptocurrencies.
Cybersecurity experts Naoris will bring an unhackeable system for DeNets data storage networks, according to the companies. DeNet provides data storage and data hosting for its customers worldwide. Naoris describes itself as "the world’s first holistic blockchain-based cybersecurity platform."
Argo blockchain - London based company allows customer to mine four cryptocurrecies using their own computer or mobile devices. This service enables user's direct access to the firm's mining rigs.
Know about daily trading of cryptocurrencies is very high compare to other country’s so it is very good to know which are the best cryptocurrency exchange sites in Korea.
StatX want to reconstruct the world of messaging apps by taking a information-centric approach instead of conversation-centric mapproach.
Want to know about the latest partnership of Carats and Celsius which will provide a financial solution to Crypto Holders? Get all the details here.
Will Coinbase develop unique fraud detection system depending on machine learning? Coinbase is making possible improvements to provide the best user experience.
New electricity rate scheme for cryptocurrency miners will allow cryptocurrency miners to negotiate agreements. The prices will be set on a case-to-case basis.
When compared to other traditional financial institutions, Swiss online bank, has benefited greatly from the addition of cryptocurrency investing to the clients. Get more information from here.

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