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Most organizations believe that the practice of providing and receiving feedback is relevant only for junior level employees and managers. However, according to the leading German recruitment agencies, this practice is even more significant at the top level positions within an organization. This is because providing and receiving feedback helps the establish a informal channel of communication be
One of the most damaging effects of meetings, especially the unplanned ones is that they upset the work schedules of most employees. In fact most managers fail to consider the work schedules of their team members before planning a meeting. This often means that the employees are expected to reschedule their tasks around the meeting, the only purpose of which might to inform the participants about
If you think they are not really interested in knowing about your company or its vision, it is time to let them go. The recruitment process is time consuming and requires attention to detail. Someone who is not paying attention to your company won’t pay attention to what kind of employees you are getting. A good recruiter will always devote some time to understanding your business as well as the
Of the many reasons that might lead a CEO to commit serious blunders, the most common has been their inability to gain a clear understanding of the company vision. Such instances can be avoided by ensuring that the board is able to clearly define the company vision to the new CEO. This is because it is the board, which is responsible for determining the strategic vision for an organization.
As a Top Headhunting Company in Germany, we constantly counsel our clients to have exit interviews whenever any of their employees is leaving the company. The suggestions gathered from the exit interview can help you make the company a better place to work. Giving a final goodbye in person and addressing all the concerns of the employee can help you end the relationship on good terms. So be smart

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