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Megha Agrotech, Drip & Sprinkler Irrigation manufacturer in Bangalore established in 1989 and irrigation related equipment's at affordable price to farmers.
In the past few years, the increment in terrorist activities, weapons, and intentional or unintentional explosion hazards have caused a great threat to the life of people and vital structures. Thus, the need has arisen to work out best possible mitigation practices for diminishing the drastic effects of explosions.

Flanges Supplier, Manufacturer, Dealer and Exporter in India. Buy high-quality Flanges in India at
Ajit Industries Private Limited is one of the flagship companies in the country engaged in manufacturing of “PRESSURE SENSITIVE SELF ADHESIVE INDUSTRIAL TAPES”.
Looking for one stop solution to purchase Personal Protective Equipments, Bullet Proof Helmets, Plate carriers vest, Hard Armour Panels, Vests with extended protection on Collar, groin biceps and many other items in the reasonable range.

Mica capacitors, are capacitors that offer high precision, reliability and stability. They are available in small values and are generally used at high frequencies and in situations where low losses and low capacitor change over time are required.

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