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A sturdy simple quartz wristwatch, which gives you the assurance of not being faded away even in the dark. The brands signature glow in the dark technology which is known as INDIGLO, can be manually operated by the push of the INDIGLO crown. Timex Weekender Fairfield Indiglo Quartz Men’s Watch is a real celebration of life and longevity, a casual watch which has a sheer vintage look.
The brands good name as a well-established Japanese watch company makes the watch reliable to its owner. The gold and white contrast gives it a look of sophistication and maturity. A watch that can worn to daily office or to client meetings and can be smoothly transitioned into a night out party or a family gathering. The simplicity of its movement makes it fuss-free and hence an air of relief of
The 4 o’clock is the retrograde-minutes display, which stays inert most of the times and comes to life once you engage the chronograph. The 11 o’clock sub-dial indicates time in the 24-hour format and also the chronograph display that can run for a max span of 4 hours. It’s a fly-back chronograph that restarts timer function while staying engaged, without the need for a restart before re-engaging
The Michael Kors Grayson Chronograph Quartz Men's Watch doesn't need you to cut out on the fashion front. Its dark, gold tone looks nice with expensive clothing; it's a shade that's absent even in watches costing several times more. It gives the Michael Kors Grayson Chronograph Quartz Men's Watch an ability to change the looks for any attire, turning them more appealing and therefore, enhancing y
The Seiko Chronograph Quartz Alarm SNAF72 SNAF72P1 SNAF72P Men’s Watch has a 2 handed alarm sub dial at 6 while its chrono-60 minutes counter is at 12. The central, long and thin hand measures the elapsed chronograph seconds, ticking five times per sec i.e. counting 1/5th of seconds, bringing more accuracy to the readings.
The Emporio Armani Sportivo Chronograph Tachymeter Quartz AR5995 Men's Watch exhibits a quality and craftsmanship that’s at par with many of the entry-level watches from the premium brands. But the difference is: You do not pay a lot of money to own one. Even if you damage or lose it somehow, getting another one won’t require you skipping lunch for a month or longer.

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