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Facebook doesn't seem to stay out of the limelight for long. It recently detected a bug that unblocked the blocked people from its list of 800,000 users. Read complete story here
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Why is social media, a boon for business marketers?

One of the best reason is, in Social Media, you can easily promote your product worldwide without spending too much of a time.

Here are some more reasons, let's check out.
Facebook messenger always come with new update for iOS users, latest update of facebook messenger for iOS users is crashing. Read complete article here
Snapchat is launching a new platform for developer called Snap Kit for app integration . Snapchat Kit has include Story, Login, Creative and Bitmoji. Read full story here
Social media has become an obsession, plaguing today’s generation of teenagers. At gatherings with friends or family, teenagers are more likely to spend their time on their phones than to pay attention to the people they are actually with at the moment. Many may wonder why social media appeals so much to adolescents. Well, there are actually many factors that go into it.
It enables you to recycle your best content and updates on your social media accounts, allowing you to share them continuously at a perfect frequency and Schedule all your updates on multiple social platforms at once to reach your audience Then repeat the best-performing ones get a RECURring traffic.
ప్రముఖ ఇన్‌స్టంట్ మెసేజింగ్ యాప్ వాట్సాప్‌ను యూజర్లు ప్రస్తుతం డెస్క్‌టాప్ పీసీల్లో వాట్సాప్ వెబ్ రూపంలో వాడుకుంటున్న విషయం తెలిసిందే.

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Instagram now ready to launch Snapchat Discover-style video hub. The new element will take YouTube and Snapchat's Discover highlight head-on.
user can watch out for Facebook possessed texting application, WhatsApp by favoring a portion of the settings point by point here in this post. Learn here How to check everything that WhatsApp thinks about you.
This may have remained the most anticipated of all settings required to Instagram and along these lines the organization has revealed the mute settings for the users.
Imagine a scenario in which you need to send a WhatsApp message in a region where you know the system may turn dark. Try not to stress, I have few hints for you.
Another component has quite recently been added to Instagram that enables clients to share bolsters straightforwardly as stories. More fun anticipates the clients now.
WhatsApp has taken off new arrangement of updates and this time it is putting forth more energy to gather administrators. Here is all you have to think about the new changes.

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